My Pull List for 11.06.08

A small aside, June 11th just happens to be my birthday. This is what my good friends at comic-book-producing-land are getting for me (and I have to pay for, but that’s besides the point):

  • Gotham Underground #9 – This book sucks so bad, but I only figured that out half-way through and I am a sucker for completion.
  • Trinity #2 – Come on, it’s Mark Bagely…
  • Amazing Spider-Man #562 – This is the book that no matter how bad it gets, I’ll always get. Thankfully, as long as Bob Gale isn’t writing the story, it’s enjoyable… oh… crap.
  • Captain Britain and MI:13 #2 – I liked the first one enough to get the second. Plus more Skrully goodness.
  • Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust One-Shot – See above, second clause.
  • Spider-Man: With Great Power #4 – Did I say I’m a sucker for Spider-Man?

The Maybes: These are books that I’m on the fence on until the very last second (where I usually decided to pick ’em up anyways… I’m weak).

  • Action Comics #866 – It’s supposed to be some Geoff Johns take on Braniac, sounds interesting even though I’m not a Superman fan…
  • Eternals #1 – Technically, I already read this for an advance review for Comic Addiction, so I know it’s a good book. But I’m not sure if I want to invest in the ongoing.

Well, that’s it. I tend to find that my books tend to bunch up towards the end of the month – so I’d get 5-6 books the first two weeks and then 10-15 the second two… it’s crazy.