My Life Changing Year: Prologue

About a month back, it was my birthday. I received several gifts, most of them in book form (for the life of me, I can’t figure out why). One of the books I received is this one:

This book provides you with one taks per day, for a year. Some tasks are simple, some difficult. Some tasks are serious, while some are hilarious. Achieving all of them, the book claims, will change your life.

I have taken it upon myself to preform these tasks. And, as an added bonus (and incentive to do some more writing (which I never do enough of)) I will blog about each day, right here.

So, starting tomorrow (or rather, later on today), be prepared for a year-long journey that will (hopefully) change my life, and yours.

I’m dedicating this project to Ahuva Goldstand, who got me the book and will no doubt cheer me on from the sidelines.


From the Ashes

Those of you who know me, or have been following this blog for some time will be familiar with “Half a Picture”, my old flash fiction blog. About one year ago, I killed “Half a Picture” for a variety of reasons that don’t really matter for the discussion at hand.

The point is, “Half a Picture” is now back, with a facelift. The new fiction-blog will include flash fiction, as before, not exceeding 500 words. The twist is that this time, I am not alone. To start things off, the site will include fiction by myself (posted around the weekend) and the always wonderful Ahuva Goldstand (her stories will be posted around mid-week). We might be joined by others, we might not.

Anyways, my first story, entitled “Tap”, is now up. You are welcomed to check it out, leave a comment, tell your friends.


Start Your Engines…

With NaNoWriMo set to start in a few hours, I’m revving up for the marathon that will be Novemebr.

Writing a 50k novel in 30 days is difficult enough in its own right, but add to that a full month of school, homework and such as well as juggling 3 jobs… let’s just say sleep will be a rare commodity in the coming days. The plus side being, sleep deprivation makes for excellent, imaginative writing. Whether it will actually be relevant to the work at hand is a different matter, one I will only be able to suss out once November has come and gone.

As to novel I plan to write in the coming month – it’s an as yet unnamed steampunk crime novel. One complete with clockwork body parts, a con-man with a split personality (trying to, incidentally, con himself) and one flying city. Throw in a nice helping of zeppelins and zeppelin-riding pirates, and we’ll see what happens out of this ecelctic collection of characters.

The only bit of prep I’ve done is write up a short (page and a bit) outline, so that I don’t lose sight of the plot itself. I may have dug myself into a hole here, as its a very convoluted, twisty-turny plot. So that’s why I need a map. Aside from those two sheets of paper, I’ve got nothing – I plan on just sitting in front of the laptop every night and letting it rip.

If you want to cheer me on/find out how’s it going – I’ll update regularly on Twitter (linked to the right), semi-regularly on Facebook (ditto), and I will most definitely have a weekly NaNo update right here.

So, in the immortal words of the Joker, “Here… we… go.”


I am now an official Deviant. In that I mean of course – my DeviantArt Acoount is finally being put to use. I put my “Half a Picture” stories up there as well.

I want to learn to draw cartoonish art, like Scott Campbell, Stuart Immonen, etc. My art sucks though, so I’m not counting on it actually happening. I’m gonna stick with words for now…

As an aside, in the ever lasting battle between Rock Band and Guitar Hero III, Rock Band took the lead with this video from IGN (the one dated Oct. 19th) showcasing Band World Tour mode… it’s awesome.

Oh, and I managed to beat Free Bird on hard… too bad it was on quick play and I’m still stuck on Psychobilly Freakout in the career mode… But hey – I beat Free Bird, it’s gotta count for something – right?