Something Awesome/Something Terrifying #2

Something Awesome


And I mean both this kind:

And this kind:

Looking at the stealthy killers of the night, you can’t not appreciate their subtle ways, their absolute martial-art kick-assery and they’re swanky outfits. I mean, black looks good with everything, and everything includes a bitchin’ katana and a set of shurikens.

The never ending debate of Ninjas vs. Pirates is a really tough pickle, but overall, I think Ninjas really do overpower Pirates, the sea scalawags will never even see ’em coming. And if you don’t believe such a debate exists merely turn your eyes here, here, here, here or here.

Ok, that last one is a video of Jig-dancing monkeys. It has nothing to do with ninjas, but it’s still awesome.

Pictured - 77 Ninjas.
Pictured - 77 Ninjas.

Something Terrifying


They don’t talk. That’s unnatural. Forget clowns (who can be pretty damn scary), Mimes are the real creepy bastards of the “lets put make up on and do weird stuff” brigade.

Thats mime for Im going to feed you your own bowels
That's mime for "I'm going to feed you your own bowels"

I, for one, am dying to know what the hell will cause a sane man to decide to never utter another word for the rest of his life and paint his face white. Don’t get me wrong, I love charades just as much as the next guy, but I don’t want to be playing it for my entire life.

I’m also scared I might get stuck in one of those invisible boxes…