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One Last Ballad in FTL #2 (alt. Digital Copy)

Rock music? Check.

Off-putting Old West town? Check.

Zombies? Hell yeah.

Ballad_101 Ballad_102 Ballad_103

Thieves #0 in Mysterious Visions Anthology #8

For Jake Peters and his team, this was just another heist: get in, grab the loot, and get out. An eccentric, old art collector seemed an easy target, but no amount of planning prepared them for an unusual trap. Now working for their mark, the team is tasked to complete his collection or face the rest of their lives in prison–unless Jake can find another alternative.

This fast-paced tale follows a team of thieves as they perform heist after heist. The stakes are high, but the take is worth it. Such is the world… of THIEVES.

Written By: Itai Rosenbaum

Pencils By: Kurt Belcher

Inks and Greyscales By: Henrik Horvath

Letters By: Brant W. Fowler

Page 1Page 2Page 3

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