Skrull Watch #2

Another month has passed, and another installment of Secret Invasion has hit store shelves. I took it upon myself, once again, to delve into the depths of the issue (and the issues surrounding it) and see what interesting questions I can drudge up. Once again, this is not a review, it’s just an analysis of Secret Invasion #2 (with snippets of New Avengers #40 and Mighty Avengers #12-13 thrown in for good measure).

Clint Barton’s Really Bad Year

So the last couple of crossovers have been kinda bad for Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye aka Ronin). They killed him in Avengers: Disassembled. House of M brought him back, only to kill him once more. He then spent a while walking the Earth, trying to make sense of the world. And now he sees his (dead) wife stumble out of a Skrull ship, supposedly human.

In the issue we get to see the result of this much psychological pain – he just snaps. In one of the coolest Hawkeye (yes, Hawkeye) moments, Clint just picks up a bow and starts shooting up everyone. This of course leads to the reunion between Clint and Mockingbird, and a moment that will probably go down in history as “The October 12th Test”. Now this reunion could be interpreted in either a very touching moment or a very sinister moment. It all depends on which of these is a Skrull (if any). The way I see it, there are three possibilities. Either we’re watching the real deal, both Clint and Mockingbird are genuine humans. The other possibility is that Mockingbird’s a Skrull, and the green-chinned bastards managed to somehow (it’s not that hard, really) find out what happened on October 12th. Lastly, they’re both Skrulls, and the whole thing was a big show for Luke and Wolverine. Which is damned evil.

The Many Allegiances of Jessica Drew

So Spider-Woman’s a Skrull. Not only that – she’s the Skrull Queen! This little revelation pretty much makes Jessica Drew the most important character in the story. Once someone on the human side realizes who she really is, she effectively becomes the first target. That’s all well and good, but you also have to look at who Jessica is – she’s simultaneously an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, Hydra, a New Avenger and a member of the Mighty Avengers. She’s one of the most well-connected characters in the Marvel U. That’s a pretty good place for a Skrull to be. The question that needs to be asked is when was Spider-Woman replaced?

My guess is that in New Avengers #1 it’s already a Skrull. But it’s an interesting point to think about, how all these allegiances will play into Secret Invasion.

The most important scene, however, is in Mighty Avengers #12 – where Jess is shown to be talking to Nick Fury. It’s made clear that Jess is one of the only people in steady contact with Nick, so is this Jess the real deal or a Skrull? If she is a Skrull, that means that any and all info Fury’s getting is bogus. Boy, will he be pissed.

Keeping on Those Baby Blues

In my last Skrull Watch I posited the “Blue Eyes Theory”, in that any character that is shown to possess clear blue eyes is a potential Skrull (due to the fact that the three Skrull reveals possessed those eyes. Here are the characters possessing blue eyes in #2 –

One thing of note is that shot of Young Avengers – note how none of them have blue eyes except Hulking, who IS a Skrull?

That’s it for this month, more in 4 weeks!


5-Second Reviews

Alright, 5-Second Reviews is something I’d like to try here, I’ll take my entire stack of comics I got this week, and give (very) short, concise reviews. Something that’ll take you about 5 seconds to read through. Onto this week’s batch, Enjoy:

  • New Warriors #5 – Great cartoony art, cast hasn’t been formally introduced, so it’s hard to follow.
  • Runaways #28 – Whedon’s having fun creating cooky characters. Ryan’s art is gorgeous.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer #7 – Vaughn channel’s Whedon very well, Faith kicks ass, and the story is not going where I thought it would.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 – The story moves forward (as opposed to last issue) but ends on a note that could prove to be either fantastic or horrible.
  • Marvel Comics Presents #1 – Five stories running the entire gamut – funny, strange, heart-warming and one that’s just boring. Stuart Immonen’s art rocks the casbah!
  • Uncanny X-Men #491 – This entire arc seemed like an awfully long winded way of getting where we are. Bring on Messiah Complex!
  • Punisher War Journal #12 – A great tie-in to a not-so-great event. The series is in dire need of a new artist (luckily, one is coming in the next arc!).
  • Green Lantern #24 – The best book DC currently published. The war reaches earth, and earth’s Green Lantern in a decisive battle against Parallax!
  • New Avengers #35 – Bendis at his best! Despite the (very) misleading cover, a solid read, and one of the best New Avengers issues in a long time.

That’s it for this week. Hope you’re better educated now. Laters.