10 things I’m looking forward to…

Everyone loves lists, right?

In the spirit of list-loving, I give you – 10 things I’m looking forward to.

First up on the list – the second half of the fourth season of Lost. It has been recently reported that the shortened season (due to the writer’s strike) will end up with an extra hour, in the form of 2-hour finale, as opposed to the 1-hour finale previously planned. This is great news, as the fourth season is shaping up to be the best season of the show so far, chock-filled with revelations and answers.

Next up – the remainder of Secret Invasion, from Marvel. The first issue hit last week, and it was an absolute blast. Marvel, with Brian Michael Bendis at the helm, have planned an event 5 years in the making. With key Marvel figures out of the picture, things don’t look for the various non-Skrulled Marvel heroes (whoever they may end up being). Secret Invasion is the comic-event to read, and the one I’m looking forward to the most.

The Iron Man movie is something special. It is the first Marvel movie to be produced by Marvel. The one major advantage of having Marvel produce their own movies – now they don’t owe anything to anyone. No big company to force a villain into a movie, or demand that a certain character get more face time. If it doesn’t suit the story – it’s out. That and the fact that the cast for this movie is incredible make Iron Man one of the two most anticipated movies in the coming months.

The Dark Knight is the other superhero movie coming out this year (ok, there’s Hulk too, but it doesn’t even begin to stack up to Dark Knight and Iron Man), and one that I have been waiting for since that last scene in Batman Begins. Batman’s rogues make for great stories, and personally I’m hoping this series gets to all of them. But right now, I’ll settle for Joker (with a sprinkling of Two-Face and Scarecrow on the side).

Forget Tekken, forget Mortal Kombat, forget Street Fighter. The Soul Calibur series is the definitive fighting game series. Soul Calibur IV seems to uphold the series’ traditions – The rich, diverse characters, the weapon-based combat, and the spectacular artistic design – this game is just beautiful. And with the recent announcement of Vader (for the PS3) and Yoda (for the XBox 360) making an appearance, this game is gonna be awesome. Add to that the fact that the PS3 is greatly missing an awesome fighter, this is eagerly waited for.

What is shaping up to be the most creative game for the PS3, LittleBigPlanet (that’s right – no spaces) caught my eye the first time I saw it being presented (I believe it was GDC 07, but I’m not sure). The sheer amount of options you have at your fingertips had my mind racing with the possibilities. With what looks to be a great community, this game is going to be on the PS3s biggest hits, and I want in.

Playstation Home is Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live. And once it hits sometime in the next couple of months, it’s going to eat Live, er, alive. Sony’s online network is going to be a fully 3d, fully interactive world, where players can communicate with each other, hang out, and engage in various activities. Sony is taking a long time with Home (it was originally slated for release last November), and I hope that is to iron out all the kinks in it. So it’s gonna be great!

The brainchild of Sims developer Will Wright, Spore looks to be one of the biggest games ever made. Spanning the course of several million years, the game has you follow a creature from the primordial pool, all the way to conquering the universe (if that’s your cup of tea). The game promises to offer gamers a completely individual experience, with truly open ended gameplay. I hope the game rejuvenates the PC gaming field, a field that has grown stale over that last couple of years.

Since it first came out, back in 1997, fans (present company included) have been waiting for Starcraft II. The original is probably the best real-time strategy game ever made, and was so incredibly balanced – people still play it in tournaments. The screen shots and game footage already released prove that the game is still the same good ol’ Starcraft, but with an added layer of polish and better gameplay.

What’s so special about the Tokyo Game Show? Why not list one of the zillion of other shows out there? Well, the Tokyo Game Show 2008 is different for me because, well – I’m going to be there! I’ve planned a trip to Japan and one of the trip highlights is the TGS. Awesomeness indeed.