Turning the Tides

I’m a Sony fan, born and bred. I had a PSOne, and I own a PS2, PS3 and a PSP. I don’t own an XBox, Gameboy, DS, etc.

I like Sony’s stuff. It started with me being a Final Fantasy die hard, and the only way to play the games was on the Playstation, and it just stemmed. And now, finally, Sony is starting to win – with the announcement of Firmware 2.40 and the inclusion of Trophies. Now I always thought the Achievements were the only thing Microsoft’s console had going for it, as I’m not into shooters and those are pretty much the only good games on the XBox (that are not on the Playstation as well). It’s cool having these little extra things to do while playing, Gotta Catch ‘Em All and all that.

So Achievements are cool and all, but Trophies… Trophies are better. First up is the division of Trophies into the 3 classes, and letting the developers play around with their distiribution. Then there’s the leveled score, which granted, means about as much as the Gamerscore, but Levels are cooler than a random number, they add a certain element of prestige. Lastly, the future integration with Home. That’s something XBL is never going to have – physical representation of your accomplishments. I can already imagine the creative ways companies will depict their trophies – can you just imagine the “1 Million Headshots” Resistance trophy?

I’m psyched, I just hope companies like Rockstar or Insomniac begin patching their games to include Trophies for great games like Ratchet and Clank and GTA IV, instant replayablity!

Here’s the video explaining the features for 2.4, enjoy: