My Life Changing Year – Day 14

Today’s assignment involved going through the entire day without your sense of sight. Scattered throughout the book are days like this one dedicated to each one of the senses.

The loss sense of sight is one which I understand well as, while I am not blind, I have had glasses since the third grade and have a very high number, making me very close to blindness. I can’t function without my glasses, as anything further than several inches away becomes a blur.

Luckily, I never broke my glasses without a spare handy, so I never had to face the option of being grounded and imprisoned. But it’s a fear I live with – what happens if they fall and I lose them? What if I happen to be driving at the time? It’s not on my mind 24/7, but it is something I need to take into account.

Sight is important, probably the most important sense. And when you lost it, or part of it, you only appreciate it more.

I also didn’t gain a radar-sense or abnormally acute hearing, which kind of sucks.

Tomorrow: List Your Bad Points Day


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