My Life Changing Year – Day 13

Transmission starts…

Validating…. validating…. validating…. Identity validated: Agent 174-2

Designation: Eyes only

The world is wrong today. Someone, somewhere, somewhen has changed something. You are tasked with finding out who, what, when, where and how and then restoring things to their natural order.

Mission paramaters are as follows:

  • Subterfuge – Granted.
  • Fraud – Granted.
  • Property Damage – Granted.
  • Lethal Force – Self-defense only.
  • Chronal Manipulations – Granted.

Beware blue t-shirts, they are not to be trusted.

This message will be revealed as mock “Act Like a Spy Day” within 457 cycles.

Tomorrow: No Sense of Sight Day


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