My Life Changing Year – Day 11


Yes, you – you tentacled monstrosities. I am a human being – that’s those monkey-like creatures you slimey, green, googley eyed morons keep invading and losing to.

If our unadvanced asses keep beating you back (Doctor or no Doctor) – that doesn’t say much about you lot, does it?

So here I’m saying it – you all are morons. Complete and utter imbecils. You probably couldn’t teleport your way out of a biflorian carriage spacecube if you wanted to. I bet your spaceships can barely interlace an unreticulated ion-sphere. Yeah – I went there. Your progenesis lifeblood is probably no smarter than a three legged Curisaxitone. You guys are so stupid, that when you arrive at a trans-temporal flux gate, you don’t even bother checking the quantum probability matrix for possible divergent alterzones.

Basically – bite me, alien boys.

This has been Insult an Alien day.

Tomorrow: Recruit a Celebrity Day


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