My Life Changing Year – Day 9

So, today’s mission involved accepting my mortality by checking off things I’ve done on a HUGE list. I guess the point was to realize that there are some things you will just never get around to. Reading the list however, has just motivated me to get it all done. And I’m well on my way. The following is the items I have already completed, or well on my way to completing:

  • Learn Italian (not done yet, but only because the class conflicted with my schedule. Will be accomplished within 3 years)
  • Write that novel/screenplay (I am a writer, after all)
  • Compromise
  • Pretend that everything is all right
  • Follow this book rigorously (Exhibit A…)
  • Learn how to drive
  • Call your mother “Ma” (It’s how I answer the phone when she calls…)
  • Become an artist (see item #2)
  • Bite the dust (will do it at least once)
  • Move to Japan (April 2012, it’s in the plan)
  • Invent a cookie (you just don’t want to eat it)
  • Become grumpy when old (a likely possibility)
  • Ride a camel
  • Use a semicolon (again with the being a writer)
  • Speak in tongues
  • Become a fanatic
  • Save the world (there was an incident involving time traveling Pharaoh zombies…)
  • Be heterosexual
  • Stand and speak up for your rights (Ok, I may have been sitting down)
  • Talk to strangers
  • Start a fire
  • Order tap water
  • Grow a beard
  • Be on TV (was an audience member, but still)
  • Feel like Batman (Every. Single. Day.)
  • Become a Rock Star (I beat Rock Band’s Career Mode, so…)
  • Be drunk during office hours
  • Contemplate suicide
  • Break a promise
  • Get a tattoo (Iron Fist dragon on my right shoulder, second on the way…)
  • Go on a field trip
  • Take part in a brainstorming (how best to defeat Pharaoh zombies)
  • Ride a donkey
  • Proclaim yourself Emperor (the French refuse to recognize it, for some reason…)
  • Live within your means
  • See your face on banknote (I see things sometimes, have I mentioned?)
  • Start your own religion (Fictionism. Says so on my business card)
  • Experience an earthquake
  • Hibernate
  • Take a vow of silence (failed.)
  • Take a vow of chastity (failed.)
  • Move someone to tears
  • Tie the perfect shoelace knot (daily)
  • Reject society (daily)
  • Meet your great-great grandchildren (again, time traveling Pharaoh zombies…)
  • Suffer a fool gladly (otherwise it’s just double-standards, really)
  • Think up a new swear word (you’re floozle right I would)
  • Escape your past (you know the drill by now… Pharaoh zombies…)
  • Master the remote control (I pwn that bee-atch)
  • Make a pact with the devil (my soul for immortality)
  • Wish upon a star (to get out of my pact with the devil)
  • Tell your deepest secret
  • Feel ugly
  • Feel pretty (and witty)
  • Sniff superglue (possibly once too many)
  • Whistle while you work
  • Become a superhero (see: Batman)
  • Make a leap of faith (trip, fall)
  • Live to tell the tale (see, above)
  • Forgive and Forget
  • Crush grapes with your bare feet (and bear feet, too)
  • Sup with Satan (you don’t sign away your soul without dinner first)
  • Travel back in time (do I really need to say it? starts with ‘Pha”, ends with ‘ombies’)
  • Think the unthinkable
  • Come out of a black hole alive (cheapest way to time travel)
  • Predict an eclipse (it just didn’t come true)
  • Wear a cape (no self-respecting superhero goes out without one)
  • Spot the Invisible Man (he’s behind you)
  • Do the Rubik’s Cube
  • Acquire a hard-ass nickname (Itai “Princess Margarine” Rosenbaum)
  • Ooze charm (please…)
  • Howl at the full moon
  • Find your self
  • Other (I’ve done plenty of ‘other’)

Tomorrow: Dine and Dash Day


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