My Life Changing Year – Day 6

So, before I get to today’s assignment – there is something that must be known.

I am a very picky eater. That’s putting it mildly, so today’s assignment “Try Food that Scares You”, is really the first of the real life-changing ones in this book.  It takes a lot out of me to try out new foods. To illustrate – a story. Two years ago, I went to Japan. I don’t, however, eat rice – which is a problem in Japan. So for two months before the trip, I psyched myself up and mentally prepared for having rice in Japan. I figured – if you’re going to start having it, might as well do it in the one place that’s most famous for it. I arrived in Japan and… couldn’t do it. Mental block, or I don’t know. Something in there simply stopped me from putting the stuff near my mouth.

So, anyways, yeah – today is a big day. I also don’t eat eggs. So…




So, yay me. I eat eggs now. It wasn’t incredibly horrible like I thought. I’m not in love with eggs and don’t think I’ve been missing much, but it was an important step.

Tomorrow: Stamp Your Passport Day


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