My Life Changing Year – Day 1

Here we go. Day 1 of the new, (hopefully) year-long project. Before I get to the actual day’s task, I’d like to set out some rules for myself, so that I have them in writing and can’t back down from them later on.

  • I will post about each and every day, even if a day’s post will only be a couple words or a 3-page rant.
  • I may miss days (real life being what it is), but will never skip days. This means the project may take more than a year to finish.
  • I will do my absolute best to actually complete the task given for a day, however – skimming through the book some tasks are unachievable for a variety of reasons (monetary, humanitarian, legal, psychological, etc.). In the event that I cannot complete a day’s task, I will use the task as a creative writing prompt and pretend I did it. You won’t know which are which though (aside from the ones which will have proof, of course).

I believe these are everything. So, let’s move on to day 1. I decided to celebrate the first day by going all out and preparing a video of the task being preformed. So, without further ado:

Hope you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow: Love of Your Life Day


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