From the Ashes

Those of you who know me, or have been following this blog for some time will be familiar with “Half a Picture”, my old flash fiction blog. About one year ago, I killed “Half a Picture” for a variety of reasons that don’t really matter for the discussion at hand.

The point is, “Half a Picture” is now back, with a facelift. The new fiction-blog will include flash fiction, as before, not exceeding 500 words. The twist is that this time, I am not alone. To start things off, the site will include fiction by myself (posted around the weekend) and the always wonderful Ahuva Goldstand (her stories will be posted around mid-week). We might be joined by others, we might not.

Anyways, my first story, entitled “Tap”, is now up. You are welcomed to check it out, leave a comment, tell your friends.



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