So, after another attempt of trying to commit to regular bloggery, I find myself facing another failure. Both “Something Awesome/Something Terrifying” and “Let Me Tell You Something” failed as attempts at a regular column-esque thing. The latter was removed because it was just plain embarrassing to have a “regular” column with one installment.

So the question must be asked – should I just give up on a blog, as all my previous attempt at regularly maintaining one failed?

As I was contemplating this, the answer came to me in a flash of light and a crash of booming thunder (granted, that may have been the bus that swerved from running me over). I need to stop trying to fill some sort of niche with this blog. That is not the purpose of this thing. Forcing myself to write into a specific pattern is killing the will and need to write on this particular platform. This blog/website/what-have-you has my name blazoned across the top, so I do what I will with it, and not try to please others with my sharp-as-a-wed-blanket wit. That’ll come naturally, or it won’t.

So the new mission statement is thus: I will update this blog when I feel like, with what I fell like however often I feel like. It may 4 times a day, it may be once every 3 months. The bottom line is – if you enjoy listening to what I have to say, come by, check the blog, sign up for the RSS, do whatever you want. I may do another “Something Awesome/Something Terrible” if I feel like, I may never touch that particular idea ever again.

As of right now, this blog isn’t attempting to be a specialized blog, it’s just me, ranting and raving about whatever I see fit.

It’s sort of a back-to-basics approach really, as the blog always sported the tagline – “Plenty of fuss, no content”. Somewhere along the line, I made the mistake of trying to deliver content. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.


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