Dr. Horrible, a review

The Poster of Awesomeness
The Poster of Awesomeness

So I, too, join every other blog on the planet in telling you to go and watch Dr. Horrible. Dr. Horrible is an idea conceived by Joss Whedon (of Buffy and Firefly fame) along with his extended family (brothers Zack and Jed, and Jed’s fiancee, Maurissa Tancharoen). The project is unique in that it is a 3-act Superhero Musical filmed for the Internet. I urge you to go and watch it as soon as possible, as it is only “showing” until Sunday, at which point it will be taken down to be released as a DVD at some point in the future.

So if you haven’t, go, watch, then come back. I’ll wait.

Alright, so on to my review. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is brilliant. This project is a testament to what several creative people can do once they get together and get the creative juices flowing. While the story of Dr. Horrible isn’t ground-breaking in it’s concept, and the plot is pretty predictable, it’s all in the execution. What sets Dr. Horrible apart from all the other superhero stories, is in the way it is performed – mainly, as a musical. The songs are great, and I found myself humming the tunes after watching.

The cast is great, as well. With Whedon-favorite Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer, How I Met Your Mother’‘s Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible and Felicia Day (who played up-and-coming Slayer Vi on Buffy) as Penny. All three prove to be more than talented singers, and Neil Patrick Harris totally steals the show (even though it is his show, so not much to steal). Dr. Horrible just oozes that Whedon flair, with great lines and hilarious bits, all of which are executed perfectly by the cast.

Which brings us to the writing. As I’ve said before, the story is not what you would call an original story. You can really see how things are going to end at about the half-way mark. That’s not a bad thing however, as the road you take is so great, with so many things to see as you go by, that it’s all worth it.

In conclusion, Dr. Horrible is a unique project, and hopefully, the first of many projects like it. It’s Whedon going on a creative binge, not being limited by format or network executives. It works extremely well, and if you haven’t watched it yet (I even though I told you to already), go and watch it now. You don’t have much time left.

Here’s the link, one more time: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Go. Watch. Enjoy.
Go. Watch. Enjoy.

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