One More Day… and another, and another…

So Marvel announced that One More Day has been delayed.

I tend not to bitch and moan about delays, cause frankly – what can I do about it – right about nothing. I accepted the Civil War delays, time after time. I’m still patiently waiting for the Ultimates 2 Hardcover, and I too am waiting for the day when Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk will see the light of day. So why is the One More Day delay so annoying?

Firstly, cause it’s Spider-Man. I’m a big Spidey fan and I was really looking forward to this event. So it hits a little close to home with me. Secondly – One More Day being late affects Brand New Day which I am already looking forward too a lot, so to wait until January ’08 (it seems like it’ll come out around then at the earliest) is a long wait – and I am not good with waiting. And lastly, and this is the real annoying bit – it could have been avoided. The reason for OMD being late, after all, is Joe Quesada.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for Joe Quesada. I think Marvel during his tenure has produced some of the best books in years. My problem however lies in the fact that Quesada should have known better. As Editor in Chief he knows how important this event is – it should’ve been in and out, one month and we’re done. Instead it’s dragging – 4 months late at the last count. So he shouldn’t have signed on as artist – I appreciate the fact he wanted to contribute, I really do – but it’s just too big. Drawing 4 issues and managing the entire creative aspects of Marvel is too much for one person to achieve. So while I admire Quesada and salute him for his good will, I’m disappointed. He should’ve known better…


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