I am now an official Deviant. In that I mean of course – my DeviantArt Acoount is finally being put to use. I put my “Half a Picture” stories up there as well.

I want to learn to draw cartoonish art, like Scott Campbell, Stuart Immonen, etc. My art sucks though, so I’m not counting on it actually happening. I’m gonna stick with words for now…

As an aside, in the ever lasting battle between Rock Band and Guitar Hero III, Rock Band took the lead with this video from IGN (the one dated Oct. 19th) showcasing Band World Tour mode… it’s awesome.

Oh, and I managed to beat Free Bird on hard… too bad it was on quick play and I’m still stuck on Psychobilly Freakout in the career mode… But hey – I beat Free Bird, it’s gotta count for something – right?


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